By building robust communities we can overcome societal challenges such as endemic loneliness, housing affordability, and environmental conservation. With over 170 communities built nationwide, cohousing is a proven model for creating high-functioning communities that harmonize our innate desire for belonging and interaction with privacy and equity of individual home ownership.

Clustering homes around generous shared amenities including a dining room, guest suites, and gardens enhances interaction, security, and communal spirit.

From design to operation, residents collaborate in decision making, cultivating a shared sense of collective ownership and dedication.

By sharing transportation, maintenance, and care, living costs decrease and mutual support thrives.

Homes are privately owned, like any condo, boasting fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor space within efficient layouts.

Green construction, sharing resources, energy efficiency, walkability, gardening, and nature conservation reduce the environmental footprint.

Who We Work With

Cohousing Groups

While community is forged by solving shared challenges, your group shouldn’t have to navigate the complex development process alone. We’re here to guide you through successfully building your community while helping you sidestep the numerous pitfalls along the way.


When faced with selling your family property, conflicting emotions can arise. By transforming your land into a cohousing community, you can uphold cherished values and leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Like you, our aim is to create flourishing communities, but we recognize that financial realities must be addressed. Cohousing offers a proven model that can infuse genuine community and a sense of place in the heart of your development.

Faith Organizations

Religious institutions play a vital role in our social fabric, but demographic changes pose significant challenges for many. Together, let’s explore whether your property could support mission-aligned cohousing, forming a sustainable foundation for your congregation’s future.

Share Your Vision

Complete a short questionnaire and schedule a time to share your vision and goals with us. We’ll discuss how we can partner together to achieve it.

Build it Right

We guide groups through the process of cohousing development — from assembling a team of experts, drawing up a realistic budget, selecting the right site, sourcing funds, and avoiding construction pitfalls along the way.

Watch Your Community Thrive

Having been focused on building strong relationships, rather than solving the myriad challenges of development, the group will be poised to start living together as an engaged and high-functioning community from day one!


  • From Private Land to Thriving Community: Exploring Cohousing for Property Owners

    From Private Land to Thriving Community: Exploring Cohousing for Property Owners

    Grappling with the challenges of maintaining property you own, yet reluctant to let go of your cherished asset? Discover how cohousing can transform your land into a thriving, sustainable community, offering privacy and connection while potentially unlocking hidden value – a solution that honors your land’s legacy and your vision for the future.

  • How Cohousing Can Transform Church Assets and Foster Community

    How Cohousing Can Transform Church Assets and Foster Community

    As church demographics shift and congregations confront underutilized property, faith leaders are seeking innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future. Repurposing church assets into a vibrant cohousing community can better align with congregational realities, foster intergenerational connections, and serve the broader community.

  • A Developer’s Guide to Cohousing Neighborhoods

    A Developer’s Guide to Cohousing Neighborhoods

    Incorporating cohousing as part of larger residential or mix-use developments can help developers tap into its unique benefits and create a vibrant, multigenerational heart to stimulate the neighborhood.